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My name is Nick Ford. I am a pastor in my home town of Stafford,Ct. I was raised by two amazing God loving parents, who always told me about how much Jesus loves me. I came to know Jesus as my personal savior when I was eight years old and for the next seven years God slowly worked on me until brought me to the point where I wanted to be all in for Jesus. So as a sophmore in high school I dedicated my life to Jesus and its been a wild ride! When I was a senior in high school God called me to ministry so when I graduated I attended Word of Life Bible Institute for one year. And was then called back home to work as a church intern in a local church in my home town. Following my internship year God brought me across town to another little church in need of a Youth Pastor.I have only been here for little over a year, but God has done some amazing things in me and through this ministry. We have a long way to go and a lot of growing to do. But God has blessed this Rural Youth Pastor, and I hope he'd use me to be a blessing to you too.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Given a choice/ Stopping or coasting

So I got back from a bible study tonight, which is always fun love talking with my fellow believers and growing spiritually. But there was something that really stuck with me as I was there. one of the speakers we were listening to talked about our lives being like a vapor. An I'm amazed thinking "I could die tonight." An I felt something that kinda frightened me, that part of me WAS frightened. Now I know a christian afraid of death whats up with that? But what was happening was I realized that one I have honestly no clue what death is like, an a lot of the time when we are scared of something its because we don't understand it. But then I thought well I know where I'm going does it matter. Then I realized, it does very much. Because we are given a choice on this earth whether we go to Heaven or Hell. An its just kinda awe inspiring to think that we who have no control of our existence on this earth. Have been given control of how we'll spend the next.So I sat for a bit and thought about this an I realize that why so many people are afraid of death is because we feel like we don't have control. And their half right, we have no control of how long we spend on this earth. But we have been given a choice to determine where we spend the next. And while I'll admit I'm nervous about the lack of control I have on this earth. I know I don't need to worry because I've been given control to make a choice. An I made mine and his name in Jesus. Which brings me to the next section of this post. Another topic was weighting on my heart as I left the bible study. For the speaker had been talking about giving your everything to God. Which is a great topic to speak on no doubt, but it was something I thought about on the ride home was. Not just that we give our everything, but the way we give it. See while i was driving home I noticed the posted speed limit and I checked my dashboard and saw I was going over so I took my foot off the gas. And you know what I did, nothing, i just coasted till I was at the appropriate speed. Now how many of us Christian's do this in our relationships with God. We look at what we're doing and check to see what's 'posted' in the bible. And we realize we need to make some changes. So we stop going forward with what is wrong, but we just coast through it. No what is wrong with that picture in your opinion. If a cop had noticed my speed and decided to pull me over I wouldn't coast to a stop, NO. I'd have my foot on that brake and be pulling over. Well God tells us specifically to STOP and we slow down, we coast. See there is a reason that God tells us not to do something because its harmful to us and our relationship with God. We are called to stop, to get out of whatever we're doing in our lives that is displeasing to God. Not to slow down till it ends, but to make ourselves right in our relationship with Christ. We need to obey his commandments, so remember God's 'Rules of Life's Road' and stop coasting through sin.


  1. I never had a stable view on the Lord. You make me want to believe but there's still something holding me back and I don't know what it is.

  2. My advice, give alittle prayer say God if your there make yourself known. I want to know you but something is holding me back, help me find out what that is.I'll keep your struggle's and confusions in my prayers Dezzy!!!:)