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My name is Nick Ford. I am a pastor in my home town of Stafford,Ct. I was raised by two amazing God loving parents, who always told me about how much Jesus loves me. I came to know Jesus as my personal savior when I was eight years old and for the next seven years God slowly worked on me until brought me to the point where I wanted to be all in for Jesus. So as a sophmore in high school I dedicated my life to Jesus and its been a wild ride! When I was a senior in high school God called me to ministry so when I graduated I attended Word of Life Bible Institute for one year. And was then called back home to work as a church intern in a local church in my home town. Following my internship year God brought me across town to another little church in need of a Youth Pastor.I have only been here for little over a year, but God has done some amazing things in me and through this ministry. We have a long way to go and a lot of growing to do. But God has blessed this Rural Youth Pastor, and I hope he'd use me to be a blessing to you too.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Covetousness and the 'Unclean'

So today in my devotional I was reading about an interesting topic that I honestly have never thought of before. The author talked about the tenth commandment "Do not covet..."Exodus 20:17. Now its a commandment we all understand but don't give a lot of thought to unless we're having a difficult time with envy. But the author went into more detail and explained that as the tenth commandment we really don't give it a lot of thought. But its actually the desire for what isn't ours that lead to the fall of man. Eve desired the apple, but more so that knowledge, she coveted what wasn't hers and sin entered the world. An I'm sitting reading this and I'm amazed because I hadn't thought of that as a specific example. But the author goes into more detail and he talks about the tenth commandment being the commandment that if broken leads to all others. Now I really stepped back from the reading at this point, because I couldn't wrap my mind around it. I'm thinking okay sure adultery,murder,and stealing I can understand that but the other commandments? I didn't see it, so I stopped and I prayed and asked God for some insight and wisdom in my confusion. So I started thinking about how covetousness could be the straw that broke the camel's back in the world of sin. An it slowly began to make sense, well we make idols because we covet our 'freedom of belief' over desiring our God. We covet our desires and our will's over the respect and honor we most show our parents. We covet our time instead of giving it to God on the day of rest. We covet our anger rather then God's peace and that's why we use his name in anger. An it hit me, we covet what WAS ours but is now God's. What we're coveting is our old lives. When we accept Christ as our savior and give our lives to him that's the thing. We give OUR lives to him, they are no longer ours. Our time is now God's,our respect is now God's,our anger is now God's, our worship is now God's. See we're coveting something that is no longer ours and that's were it becomes sin.So today's devotional really did give me an interesting insight I have never had before. Let us not covet our old lives, but let us desire God an his glory.So the second part of today's post has to do with Peter's vision of the unclean animal's. Now maybe you know the story maybe you don't, well its found in Acts 10. Any who it gives us the reminder that everyone is God's creation. And that means we are to love them and to witness to them. which a lot of the time is difficult because you take one look at them and your afraid or look down on them.But we are given a calling of loving other's an I know that's hard because of the surface but God sees into their hearts. An if God could forgive them and love them, how can we not.

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